When you sit down to write a blog post you usually focus on the topic at hand, right? While focusing on your current topic is exactly what you should be doing, there’s another important aspect of blogging that you need to take into consideration. Along with your current post, you should be thinking about an internal linking strategy.

How should you link to previous posts?

  1. Productive BloggingUse keywords that appear naturally in your current post and hyper-link them to your previous post
  2. If you can’t use the exact keywords you would like because they don’t appear naturally in your current post then you can still use a particular keyword or keyword set by making use of the “alt” attribute; by using the “alt” attribute you can place your keywords there and tell the search engines what the link is about
  3. You need to spread the so-called link juice by linking other pages from your website.

Although an internal linking strategy may never have crossed your mind it happens to be one of the most important strategies for bloggers and webmasters alike. Internal links are used as the main navigation on a website. Your internal linking strategy could be the strategy that makes or breaks you. You can only benefit when having internal links on your website if you use them properly. The search engines can either look at your site as a valuable information source or as an unimportant information source. What it comes down to is; which do you prefer? You want to be seen as a valuable information source, right? Isn’t this why you put so much time and effort into your blog or website?

BloggingWhat happens here is that sites without internal linking may actually be undervalued because they don’t have internal links. Internal links can boost the views of the page because if you have those links, the users are more likely to read further articles from your website. If you write a blog on a focused topic and not just ramblings, then this should be no problem at all.

If you’re haven’t been thinking about an internal linking strategy then don’t worry, it’s not too late. You can go back through your posts and link to all the relevant posts that you can find. This may take a little time but the results you will see in the search engines can be dramatic.